This hotel room's got a lot of stuff
A laundry bag and a shoe shine cloth
Thirty-two hangers and a touch-tone phone
With a light that comes on when I ain't home
I ain't home, I ain't home
You better leave a message cause I ain't home


FRI-SUN, MARCH 16-18, 2018

St-MinneSomePlace in Paradise

Parrot Head Club, Inc.

Some of the Auction Items

(subject to change)

I got a second story view from curb to curb
I got a sign that reads "Do not disturb"
A monogram towel and a bucket of ice
A chest of drawers and a mirror that lies
Mirror that lies, mirror that lies,
That couldn't be me in that gorilla disguise

Sheraton Minneapolis West

12201 Ridgedale Drive - Minnetonka, MN  55305


  • This Hotel Room3:09
  • Who I Am2:28
  • Callin' In Gone5:10
  • i could go sailing3:39
  • All Hands On Deck3:53
  • The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful4:11
  • Humanity Night On The Redneck Riviera4:19
  • Keep An Ocean Mind3:37
  • Sand In Your Shoes4:08
  • Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars3:11