St-MinneSomePlace in Paradise

Parrot Head Club, Inc.

Click on the "BYLAWS" button below for the complete, revised St MinneSomePlace in Paradise ParrotHead Club, Inc. Administration ByLaws.  This document details how our club is run on a day to day basis and who has the various responsibilities for its operation.

The major change for those of you who have been in St MinneSomePlace for several years was the elimination of the Administrative Staff.  The Administrative Staff was a holdover from the snail mail days and with the advent of electronic communication, the Board of Directors decided to make those matters that used to be voted on by the Administrative Staff now decided by the vote of the entire club with a majority of those voting determining the outcome.   Because changes in the ByLaws had to be approved by the Administrative Staff, this update was submitted by the Board of Directors (Bwanas) to the Administrative Staff and the changes which included eliminating the Administrative Staff were overwhelmingly approved.