St MinneSomePlace In Paradise
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St MinneSomePlace in Paradise Parrot Head Club, Inc.

PO Box 28653
Oakdale, MN 55128

Ahoy, ya scallywag!

You've landed on the island of, your guide to Parrot-Headonism in Minnesota.  Did you know the Caribbean has 10,000 islands and that Minnesota has 10,000 lakes?  Sounds like changes in latitudes and changes in attitudes! 
St is full of great information regarding all our island experiences including its activities, its history, the phlock of Parrot Heads, and even the Head Parrot. We have a great phlock of Parrot Heads who are always on the avenue looking for the latest in parrot-headonistic excitement and the opportunity to share the Jimmy Buffett experience with other Parrot Heads!!
St MinneSomePlace is Minnesota's original Parrot Head club.

You are in the friendly state of Minnesota!
In the beautiful twin cities of
Minneapolis and St Paul!
On the quaint island of St MinneSomePlace!

Aye, matey, you'll find one of the friendliest places in the whole Parrot Head nation!  
Enjoy your stay!  We are on island time!


Established in November, 1994
Copyright © 1994-2014.
All rights reserved St MinneSomePlace in Paradise Parrot Head Cub, Inc.
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